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Why do you need to cheat the audience on the YouTube?

Promotion in the network of channels is carried out using different tools. YouTube also causes popularity, where broadcasts of various games, streams, etc. are often conducted. Often streamers need to cheat online so that the channel doesn't look devastated.

Why do you need to cheat the audience on the YouTube? There are quite a few reasons. We will now give them briefly:

  1. To get into the tops faster. Of course, broadcasting is always aimed at capturing the first places on the site in the appropriate categories.
  2. To get more viewers. This is logical, especially if you are also trying to sharpen the content yourself. Then you will have a large percentage of live viewers plus some number of cheated users. You can easily combine cheated + live users.
  3. We need an active communication channel. Usually, the more people, the more active the dialogue. This activity helps to rise faster to the very top of the issue.
  4. It is required to raise the number of followers. The more views, the more subscribers. Accordingly, it is necessary to make a twist so that the audience is always held.
  5. More money, more advertising. If the number of people online is large, then more offers can come. The same is true for donates.
  6. Multiplying the popularity of the channel. The channel will develop more actively if you cheat the views a little.
  7. The category of recommended videos - in order to get into it without cheating, you need to try very hard. Therefore, usually streamers do not bother and simply buy themselves a certain percentage of viewers.

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